10 Reasons Why People Don't Do Well in Interviews & Why You Will Do Well!

Here are 10 reasons why most people don't do well in interviews. 

Please note, that by the end of this course you will NOT have any of the following 10 problems when it comes to interviewing, creating the perfect resume/LinkedIn profile, finding the right career for you and networking: 

1: Lack of preparation.

2: Not personable enough. Relationships are more important than product knowledge. Bond first and then talk business later. 

3: They don't bring the right exhibits and other items to the interview. 

4: They don't have the proper body language or they are too confident or not confident enough - people decide sometimes within 10 seconds if they will hire someone. 

5: Their resume or LinkedIn profile has gaps, shows a lack of consistency, is not search engine optimized so recruiters can find you and has the wrong profile picture etc.  

6: They don't show that they are passionate about the role they are interviewing for. Never let your interviewer see that you are interviewing for a job. Rather, you are interviewing for something you love to do. 

7: Their answers to questions lacks structure. 

8: They ramble when answering questions; less is more! 

9: Someone else that interviewed for the job appears more qualified. 

10: They didn't answer the difficult questions the right way. 

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