Attached Are Your 3 Success Journals for this Course & Why This Will Help You

Attached are the 3 Success Journals in this course that will help you get your dream job! I included a Microsoft Word version and a PDF version of each of the 3 Success Journals (please use whatever format you prefer). 

Please only open and do the exercises in the 3 journals when I mention to please do them in the course videos (I will explain how & when and much more detail in the videos). Thanks

There are 3 parts to this course and 3 corresponding Success Journals which contain many exercises to help perfect your interviewing, resume, LinkedIn profile, networking and many other career skills:

*Part 1 of 3: Interview Success Journal contains exercises from Sections 1 – 23 of the course.

After completing the Interview Success Journal, please complete the 2ndJournal, which corresponds to Sections 24 – 41 in the course and is called:

* Part 2 of 3: Resume, LinkedIn and Career Success Journal

After completing the two previous journals, please complete the 3rd Journal, which corresponds to Sections 42 – 50 in the course and is called:

* Part 3 of 3: Networking Success Journal

I humbly recommend taking the course in order and completing the 3 Success Journals in order because you might learn what to include and what not to include on your resume and optimized LinkedIn profile based on how you answer the interview questions in Part 1 of this course.

If you have already submitted your resume and already have a job lined up, then please start with Part 1, which will help you ace your interview. Then if you want you can work on Parts 2 and 3 after the interview.

As always, I am here to help if you have any questions.


Chris Haroun


* Although I recommend doing the entire course in order, if you feel very very comfortable with your interview skills, then start with Part 2, which covers optimizing your resume/LinkedIn profile. If you feel very very comfortable with your interview skills, resume and LinkedIn profile, then please start with Part 3, which deals with improving your networking skills. 

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